raw materials are synthetic polymer material (polyester

 suitable for intense exercise. 7. before wearing the shoes, the best placed in a ventilated place so that shoes and have plenty of time to blow.8. athletes or sports enthusiasts should always wear the shoes purchased. in order to extend the life of shoes and washing as little as possible. 9. the shoes are dry, use shoe will help the shoes to return to his original form; or newspapers on a shoe. newspapers serve a function, it can not only help to restore the shoe itself, and can rapidly absorb moisture in the shoe. 10. the soles on shoe head toward the wall, ventilated place to dry  vibram five fingers at room temperature ... This will prevent moisture ingress in low foam material. (Because the foam material is not easy to do, it is recommended that do not put wet shoes.) 11. the shoes dry off the newspaper out let shoes dry for a while. 12. too much direct sunlight,Hair dryers heat and improper care

 will reduce the life of the shoe. How to wipe your shoes to ensure maintenance work? 1, when the shoes dirty, dip water detergent gently, then rinse with water, placed ventilation and shade dry, avoid direct sunlight. Avoid the use of heat or open flames to dry, so as to avoid fading and aging, glue, badly disfigured. Too much direct sunlight, heat of the hairdryer and improper care will  nike blazer mid reduce the life of the shoes; not long time to wash soak, soaking time should not exceed 20 minutes. Leather can not be soaked in water. 2, sneakers and most raw materials are synthetic polymer material (polyester non-woven base and nylon mesh leather, soles are made of rubber or foam rubber material), and some shoe upper leather, so avoid contact with aqueous organic solvents and oils, but also should not be in an environment of high temperature long time wear. Normal wear or wash

temperature should not be higher than 45 degrees Celsius. 3, if stored for a long time, shoes should be cleaned, dry store placed a cool, well ventilated place so that shoes and have plenty of time to blow dry,To avoid mildew. Leather shoes with the best paper or shoes hold up, so as not to severely deformed. The soles on shoe head toward the wall, ventilated place to dry at room temperature, this will prevent water ingress midsole foam. (Because the foam material is not easy to do, it is recommended that do not put wet shoes. ) 4, for the use of shoes look more beautiful, asks you to wear or cleaning process do not use hard brushes or overexert, much less using a nail or sharp object to pull the corner part of the printed pattern. Wearing after a while, some some minor cracking may occur on the surface of the pattern (especially the often tortuous part), this is normal. 5, in order to

foot bone angle in high heels to complete the process of

in high heels, making them actually becoming not sexy. You may already know and narrow, pointy high heels is harmful to knees, may cause osteoarthritis and foot disease. But women did not think high heels will affect their sex organs, resulting in reduced sexual desire to a certain extent. Elroy Professor United States "today the physical" site sex therapist, who after years of investigation found, long wear high heels women, legs, perineum and lower abdominal  air max tr 180 muscles were always strained, which directly affects the pelvic blood circulation, be adversely affected by the normal physiological function of the pelvic organs. , Slender high heels can cause physiological and cold! For those who especially love to wear heels special slender women in high heels, Ellroy more strongly suggest that they rid themselves of it, and he thinks the heels make it more likely that a woman's

 sex drive is down. Survey found that women with physiological cold most like to wear thin with high heels. Ellroy says women not under the influence of sexy models, the blind pursuit of chic and beautiful, sexuality is a normal physiological functions, best not to ruin it. Second, the girls do not wear high heels, affecting deliveries! 1, adolescent girls had better not wear high heels, wear wedges and heel no more than 3Tall shoes. 2, women's development and maturation of  nike air max 1 bones of foot in 15-16, prematurely wearing high heels, foot bone angle in high heels to complete the process of ossification, prone to malformations. 3, generally speaking, to be 25 years old stereotypes of the pelvis, not frozen increased the workload of the pelvis, causing pelvic stenosis, a direct impact on adult labor. Shoe care tips can improve your shoes "lifetime" is the way: after a pair of shoes to wear two or

 three days at a time and let it "rest, rest," a more reasonable! Because wearing a pair of shoes for a long time, easy to make shoes from moisture, humidity on shoe Lane, waterproof, breathable, leather, line properties, such as to cause serious damage, shoes of "life" will be reduced, because the maximum shoe "nemesis" is moist! Here is the accumulation of several tips: 1. buy comfortable shoes, or shoe deformation and easily hurt your feet. 2. periodically clean shoes, gently wipe off with a damp cloth; not to brush against the brush. 3. the shoes are wet, the Fort of newspapers to keep the shoes look and let the shoes air dry, avoid direct sunlight or high temperature baking. 4. shoes should avoid contact with solvents, acids, alkali, corrosive substances such as oils. 5. more than two pairs of shoes that can be replaced, let shoes turn to rest. 6. the casual shoes, shoes are not

Summer's more shocking--the naked feet in high heels

 to wear what's wrong, and finally abandonedSide, a pair of shoes that's all wasted. Actually, regardless of is male shoes also is shoes, most ideal of size at least is: ten a toe can in shoes in free to activities, has comfortable of liner and moderate of internal space; soles surface and feet Department SAG at of radian is fit, ankle bone and toe touch not to shoes; forefoot to has must of activities room, if with toe resisted shoes head Shi heel and shoes Hou help Zhijian also can  nike air max classic bw stretch into a finger of distance, this size just suitable; heel Department of soles Shang surface to is good to posted live heel, walk of when cannot sliding to sliding to ; Seen from the arch and the Central curvature of the shoes fit, confirming the suitability of elastic foot Wai. Ladies Leather care method to decrypt 1. When cleaning, use a clean soft cloth to dust and stains wipe it again on the upper. 2. minor stains to

 50 parts of water, 2 parts liquid soap plus 1 part alcohol and soft cloth soaked with white (preferably without dripping) wipe clean around the upper, and then you can put in a ventilated place to dry naturally. 3. when placing and storage after use, each shoe shoe bag single cover, and prevention of pollution by leather-other colors, especially light colored leather-are more likely to be contaminated. 4. Paint resin characteristics of the genus of the surface layer, no sweating, can easily be contaminated in a row, the best method is using the next day, and  nike air max 90 after use place the shoes in a well-ventilated place, keep shoes dry and clean. 5. leather cannot be prolonged sun exposure or roast in the Sun, and to stay away from hot places, otherwise prone to yellowing and cracked leather, aging. 6. when using Flex paint off the lens parts wrinkling is a normal phenomenon. 7.Avoid contact

with oil or acid-base and other substances, prevent yellowing in the leather or contaminated. The physiological cause of women: high heels most women love high heels, as if it had magical powers, can make you an instant confidence. Someone said: "wear high heels women would not have been a woman. "But high heels but also hurt a lot. Heels are set off one of the beautiful female tall slim and stylish elements,High heels were unable to resist the temptation of her life. Summer's more shocking--the naked feet in high heels and Red cardamom, interpretation of grace from on high. Almost every stylish woman shoe racks are filled with a wide variety of high heels. There are a lot of people think women wearing high heels will look more sexy, especially with tall, thin one. But you know what? Sex experts have different views on this, they think will affect sexual desire in women

plug in boots tube within up to support boots tube of

for boots after the upper shoe Polish (don't oil the patent-leather boots), shoe, do notShoe Polish, the more the better, less is more, the right amount of shoe polish to shoes really acts as a protective effect, otherwise the burden of too much oil for leather is, after all, only so many leather, painted a plethora of shoe Polish, shoe leather is absorbing that much. Went to blacking boots also put them in a cool, dry and ventilated place and cool 1 day make shoe Polish is fully absorbed,  nike air max 95 can also make some excess Polish evaporate. Boots of admission carefully put the boots back in a shoebox, this sounds like a simple action but also a lot of learning, bad boots, when you pick up in the coming year might not recognize it. First place 1 packet of desiccant in the boots, which is to prevent the boots throughout the spring and summer wet season, damp musty then some do not put the

texture of cotton tShirt (pure cotton of absorbent good, if encountered very wet of situation, can help absorption moisture), according to boots boots tube of size volume into corresponding of cylindrical shaped, plug in boots tube within up to support boots tube of role, but to note, don't put boots tube air max plus game have had full, also don't with hard real fill (as potato tablets tank like of), fill real itself on with boots tube not is tune, in put in box in the a backlog, boots tube is is easy deformation of, only with clothes stack into probably of shape, uniform to fill boots tube, Boots have natural supports can, which may prevent the boots in a box mutual contraction. After finishing the above work, using the original shoe box with tissue paper wrap each boot, allowing them to each other with no friction (such as frizzled feather leather texture and friction marks very

easily), all ready boots even when packed. Although several steps looks a bit cumbersome, but now that it has bought boots, you should treat them so that they can be timeless, you can save a point charge. Buy women's shoes note (b) to buy discounted shoes sizes most chaotic seasons, different temperatures, people's feet caused by cold winter and hot summer a bit of thermal expansion and contraction. While rational consumers would buy discount for yourself when it's winter and summer shoes, and you have to pay attention, winter feet appear smaller, so when you try, be sure to pay attention to larger ones in the summer and buy shoes, so can only wear it in the summer to fit or your money is wasted. Sizes compare styles and more importantly a lot of girls might fall in love with a shoe and wear it too tight or too loose shoes, wear a long time you will find that how

Storage considerations for winter boots along with the new year

tanizaki's works in the tattoos on feet description. Heels are great modification of feet, but usually do not pay attention to maintenance on their feet, even wearing high heels, a spectacle. Imagine: a pair of cracked or callused feet filled, however coupled with a nice pair of high heels, and to create a feeling of disgust. Beautiful high heels beauty foot the United States should be a kind of harmony and unity of the United States, so if you are a woman, covered from head to toe, from the inside out, really beautiful, please don't Gu Tou on foot, taking out regardless. Foot   air max direct care is a is not complicated to do things, or at least easier than daily make-up routine. Moreover, the feet are the body's vital organs, to prepare for its maintenance, and also has many benefits to whole body health. Storage considerations for winter boots along with the new year countdown to 10Seconds of

looks forward to, with Fireworks bloom firecrackers align ming, we ushered in has new of a years, this means with spring immediately will came to has, while means with winter of boots will to entered spring sleep period has, how let hard a winter of boots can sleep a good sleep to next year adhere to they of work post, following on to see winter boots incorporated of several points note air max thea matters's. Keep boots internal dry boots wear has a winter, even not stepped on snow also how much will because feet sweating makes boots internal damp of, so to in incorporated zhiqian put boots put in cool dry ventilation of place airing Shang days, let boots internal himself slowly dry, do don't put to Sun Xia Sun, even does not was high temperature Sun deformation, also may because Sun long time of straight Sun led to faded, stay shoes within touch up does not has wet of feels on

can began started clean boots has. Storage before cleaning after a winter of baptism, how many will leave some stains on boots, on reception to try to clean these stains before, otherwise the easier the longer stains penetrate into the boots of leather, we'll want to clean and do not get good results. Paint boots with dry soft of cloth put performance of ash brushed to can; General of stains as mud points, floating Yu boots surface of stains with dry cloth slightly stained point water wipe Hou immediately with dry cloth wipe, must to note cloth don't too wet, otherwise will on cortex has hurt; if is liquid stains, recommends in just stick Shang stains of when on as soon as possible to professional of shoes nursing shop for cleanup, time more long stains more difficult cleanup. Don't forget boots leather boots maintenance is still dominated by leather, so don't forget to clean his boots