foot bone angle in high heels to complete the process of

in high heels, making them actually becoming not sexy. You may already know and narrow, pointy high heels is harmful to knees, may cause osteoarthritis and foot disease. But women did not think high heels will affect their sex organs, resulting in reduced sexual desire to a certain extent. Elroy Professor United States "today the physical" site sex therapist, who after years of investigation found, long wear high heels women, legs, perineum and lower abdominal  air max tr 180 muscles were always strained, which directly affects the pelvic blood circulation, be adversely affected by the normal physiological function of the pelvic organs. , Slender high heels can cause physiological and cold! For those who especially love to wear heels special slender women in high heels, Ellroy more strongly suggest that they rid themselves of it, and he thinks the heels make it more likely that a woman's

 sex drive is down. Survey found that women with physiological cold most like to wear thin with high heels. Ellroy says women not under the influence of sexy models, the blind pursuit of chic and beautiful, sexuality is a normal physiological functions, best not to ruin it. Second, the girls do not wear high heels, affecting deliveries! 1, adolescent girls had better not wear high heels, wear wedges and heel no more than 3Tall shoes. 2, women's development and maturation of  nike air max 1 bones of foot in 15-16, prematurely wearing high heels, foot bone angle in high heels to complete the process of ossification, prone to malformations. 3, generally speaking, to be 25 years old stereotypes of the pelvis, not frozen increased the workload of the pelvis, causing pelvic stenosis, a direct impact on adult labor. Shoe care tips can improve your shoes "lifetime" is the way: after a pair of shoes to wear two or

 three days at a time and let it "rest, rest," a more reasonable! Because wearing a pair of shoes for a long time, easy to make shoes from moisture, humidity on shoe Lane, waterproof, breathable, leather, line properties, such as to cause serious damage, shoes of "life" will be reduced, because the maximum shoe "nemesis" is moist! Here is the accumulation of several tips: 1. buy comfortable shoes, or shoe deformation and easily hurt your feet. 2. periodically clean shoes, gently wipe off with a damp cloth; not to brush against the brush. 3. the shoes are wet, the Fort of newspapers to keep the shoes look and let the shoes air dry, avoid direct sunlight or high temperature baking. 4. shoes should avoid contact with solvents, acids, alkali, corrosive substances such as oils. 5. more than two pairs of shoes that can be replaced, let shoes turn to rest. 6. the casual shoes, shoes are not