Summer's more shocking--the naked feet in high heels

 to wear what's wrong, and finally abandonedSide, a pair of shoes that's all wasted. Actually, regardless of is male shoes also is shoes, most ideal of size at least is: ten a toe can in shoes in free to activities, has comfortable of liner and moderate of internal space; soles surface and feet Department SAG at of radian is fit, ankle bone and toe touch not to shoes; forefoot to has must of activities room, if with toe resisted shoes head Shi heel and shoes Hou help Zhijian also can  nike air max classic bw stretch into a finger of distance, this size just suitable; heel Department of soles Shang surface to is good to posted live heel, walk of when cannot sliding to sliding to ; Seen from the arch and the Central curvature of the shoes fit, confirming the suitability of elastic foot Wai. Ladies Leather care method to decrypt 1. When cleaning, use a clean soft cloth to dust and stains wipe it again on the upper. 2. minor stains to

 50 parts of water, 2 parts liquid soap plus 1 part alcohol and soft cloth soaked with white (preferably without dripping) wipe clean around the upper, and then you can put in a ventilated place to dry naturally. 3. when placing and storage after use, each shoe shoe bag single cover, and prevention of pollution by leather-other colors, especially light colored leather-are more likely to be contaminated. 4. Paint resin characteristics of the genus of the surface layer, no sweating, can easily be contaminated in a row, the best method is using the next day, and  nike air max 90 after use place the shoes in a well-ventilated place, keep shoes dry and clean. 5. leather cannot be prolonged sun exposure or roast in the Sun, and to stay away from hot places, otherwise prone to yellowing and cracked leather, aging. 6. when using Flex paint off the lens parts wrinkling is a normal phenomenon. 7.Avoid contact

with oil or acid-base and other substances, prevent yellowing in the leather or contaminated. The physiological cause of women: high heels most women love high heels, as if it had magical powers, can make you an instant confidence. Someone said: "wear high heels women would not have been a woman. "But high heels but also hurt a lot. Heels are set off one of the beautiful female tall slim and stylish elements,High heels were unable to resist the temptation of her life. Summer's more shocking--the naked feet in high heels and Red cardamom, interpretation of grace from on high. Almost every stylish woman shoe racks are filled with a wide variety of high heels. There are a lot of people think women wearing high heels will look more sexy, especially with tall, thin one. But you know what? Sex experts have different views on this, they think will affect sexual desire in women