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for boots after the upper shoe Polish (don't oil the patent-leather boots), shoe, do notShoe Polish, the more the better, less is more, the right amount of shoe polish to shoes really acts as a protective effect, otherwise the burden of too much oil for leather is, after all, only so many leather, painted a plethora of shoe Polish, shoe leather is absorbing that much. Went to blacking boots also put them in a cool, dry and ventilated place and cool 1 day make shoe Polish is fully absorbed,  nike air max 95 can also make some excess Polish evaporate. Boots of admission carefully put the boots back in a shoebox, this sounds like a simple action but also a lot of learning, bad boots, when you pick up in the coming year might not recognize it. First place 1 packet of desiccant in the boots, which is to prevent the boots throughout the spring and summer wet season, damp musty then some do not put the

texture of cotton tShirt (pure cotton of absorbent good, if encountered very wet of situation, can help absorption moisture), according to boots boots tube of size volume into corresponding of cylindrical shaped, plug in boots tube within up to support boots tube of role, but to note, don't put boots tube air max plus game have had full, also don't with hard real fill (as potato tablets tank like of), fill real itself on with boots tube not is tune, in put in box in the a backlog, boots tube is is easy deformation of, only with clothes stack into probably of shape, uniform to fill boots tube, Boots have natural supports can, which may prevent the boots in a box mutual contraction. After finishing the above work, using the original shoe box with tissue paper wrap each boot, allowing them to each other with no friction (such as frizzled feather leather texture and friction marks very

easily), all ready boots even when packed. Although several steps looks a bit cumbersome, but now that it has bought boots, you should treat them so that they can be timeless, you can save a point charge. Buy women's shoes note (b) to buy discounted shoes sizes most chaotic seasons, different temperatures, people's feet caused by cold winter and hot summer a bit of thermal expansion and contraction. While rational consumers would buy discount for yourself when it's winter and summer shoes, and you have to pay attention, winter feet appear smaller, so when you try, be sure to pay attention to larger ones in the summer and buy shoes, so can only wear it in the summer to fit or your money is wasted. Sizes compare styles and more importantly a lot of girls might fall in love with a shoe and wear it too tight or too loose shoes, wear a long time you will find that how